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Validating technical competence using the DSD-optimized Pega technology course of study with exceptionally high results.

The Context

Public Safety Canada (PSC), the national security agency that ensures coordination across all federal departments responsible for national security and the safety of Canadians, approached DSD Inc. with a significant challenge: validating the technical competence of their candidates. Partnering with Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), the objective was to ensure that all PSC-vetted candidates successfully navigated the intricate Pega technology course and assessment.

The Challenge

The obstacles were formidable—complex material, strict timelines, and a history of less than 100% success for all participants due to Pega's challenging learning path. DSD Inc. stepped in and revolutionized the learning experience.

The Achievement

For the first time in the program's history, all candidates not only passed the Pega technology course for PSC's technical competence requirement but did so with flying colors—a team test average of 94% on the first attempt, all within a condensed 7-day timeframe.

DSD Inc.'s triumph was echoed by the participants themselves:

"I was amazed at how we were introduced to Pega and became very knowledgeable about the language in such a short amount of time."

The Success

Our unique course design and delivery approach drove the success. We crafted an optimized learning strategy, aligning content precisely with exam blueprints and focused skill enablement lectures. Our LSA consultancy for enterprise projects ensured that candidates were not just learning but understanding how to apply their knowledge effectively.

At DSD Inc., we go beyond traditional training methods, tailoring solutions to address specific challenges. Elevate your team's technical competence with our proven learning model – don’t just be certified, be qualified.

Contact us today for a customized consultation and take the first step towards unlocking your team's full potential.

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