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Obtain 3X the training in one course for CPBA, CPSA, CPSSA preparation, and project-skill enablement!

Pega Accredited Trainers guide students through certification topics and project-based learning through LSA consultancy.  



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This introductory session covers 95 certification topics (CPBA, CPSA, CPSSA) and 13 critical skills to configure 15 essential rules for project-based implementation. First, a project use case script is reviewed, and lectures with skill-based activities engage students to use the PED approach, run a DCO session and create user stories
and backlogs for a proposed solution. Next, students are involved in lectures and skill-based activities to understand application and database server configurations and core rule instances when creating a new application. Finally, students are guided thru the consultancy of an LSA to create Case Types, implement a case life cycle,
data model, user portals, and user access rules for security to build the initial iteration of the solution. Understand Pega Express, Delivery Phases and Activities Understand Direct Capture Objective Activities Understand User Stories, Supporting Artifacts and Estimation Tools Understand Pega Platform Architecture Understand Pega Software Design Solutions Understand Pega Case Types Understand UI Components Understand Application Access

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This session covers 15 advanced certification topics (CPSSA) and builds on the existing 13 critical skills to configure an additional 10 essential rules for project-based implementation. Students receive knowledge and opportunities to update the project case type and case life cycle to support advanced features such as keyed data pages, integrations, and web services with data validations. Additionally, students are engaged in lectures and skill-based activities to review, measure and debug system performance and events. Finally, an LSA reviews and guides the students' design decisions to ensure a proper solution. Application Design for Queues and Job Schedulers Application Development Activities for Case Processing Data Design For Integration Management Data Exchange with Applications and Web services Data Validation Patterns and Keyed Data Pages Measure and Debug System Performance Review System and Performance Events

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This session covers 7 key advanced certification topics (CPSSA). It builds on the prior two iterations to configure advanced report features, security rules for tracking and auditing, and manage case attachments. Additionally, UI rules for Pega Mashups and mobility with various delivery options features are options for LSA design session discussions for the final implementation of the project solution.

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These exam preparation courses for the CPBA, CPSA and CPSSA certifications guide students through ALL certification topics with multi-level testing, best practice discussions, use case implementation scenarios, personalized study plans, testing strategies and project-based learning through LSA consultancy.

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