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DSD instructors are Learning Brokers for technical learning services providing content design, development, and class delivery for an optimal user learning experience to ensure knowledge mastery and skill-based enablement. Our current initiatives provide global learning services for skill enablement to software consultants, universities, and clients using Pega technologies.


“The term learning broker suggests an agent whose role is to provide learners or employers with impartial advice from both a practical

and pedagogical nature, and to unite learners, employers, and training providers in a virtuous, mutually beneficial relationship.” 
Denise Thursfield , Rick Holden & John Hamblett (2004) Learning brokers in the workplace: a typology of practice, Research in Post-Compulsory Education, 9:3, 371-388, DOI: 10.1080/13596740400200184


Our Instructor-led Training (ILT) courses with expert LSA consultancy and group learning are an enduring learning methodology that is proven, cost-effective and the "BEST" learning environment to acquire knowledge and skill for effective enablement!


After completing the course, students are prepared to sit for the CPBA, CPSA and CPSSA certification exams and provide Business Architect or Senior System Architect level support for Pega projects.

  • Reduced time-to-learn by 62% (10 days vs 26 days)

  • Decreased ILT classes by 75% (1 class vs 4 classes)

  • Flexible Micro Learning Sessions (10, 7, 3-days)

  • Optimized learning experience through interwoven lecture and project-skill activities

  • Pre-knowledge and skill preparation for LSA 1 certification


This course provides daily lectures mapped directly to certification topics and vital skills for case design, rules configuration, and project implementation. 


The instructor interacts with students through certification discussion activities to assess knowledge mastery and skill-based learning through hands-on demonstrations. An LSA provides consultancy for project skill activities and solution development to evaluate implementation competence.


Students translate targeted knowledge into skill-based application design for solution implementation.

We don't scale up for the masses; we dive deep with the individual where the pearls of learning are discovered. Our product is knowledge mastery through skill enablement. Our purpose is exceptional class delivery in an optimal learning environment. All learning is outcome-based to support knowledge mastery and skill enablement! We believe elite, exceptional teams placed back in an organization create momentum and cause enormous change that radiates across an enterprise.

Instructor-led Training (ILT), expert consultancy for solution design, and group hands-on enterprise development are the tri-factors for the "BEST" learning environment to teach complex design and development of multi-million dollars enterprise solutions. Like astronauts, airline pilots, and many others, Software System Architects are ALL responsible for solving complex million-dollar projects that must guarantee success through their training for implementation readiness.


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